EDA Software Distribution

ADIVA's software allows you to view violations within seconds of starting ADIVA Design Review, even while additional checks are processing. Productivity is increased dramatically with the ADIVA Software Solution.

ADIVA's checks are table driven which make them easy to set up and maintain. You can have different validation tables for specific layers, groups of nets, and specified areas within a layer. As an example you could have one set of checks for inside the BGA areas and another set for outside the BGA areas with different values.

This incredible flexibility provides the capability to check your design with ease and minimize false violations. Once you view a violation, you have the option to accept or correct the violation. If accepted, the violation will not appear on subsequent runs of the board. Violations in need of correction can easily be displayed back to the CAD system for quick repair.

ADIVA builds the board using the manufacturing data (not the design data) in software. This virtual board is then processed through the full range of Net List Compare, Design Rules Check (DRC), Design for Manufacturability (DFM), Design for Assembly (DFA), AdivaView, and smart viewer.