PCB Layout Engineering

The challenge of today's PCB Layout design is the increasing density of nets with electrical constraints at a decreasing PCB size area without affecting the electrical response, compliance, reliability and manufacturability.

The ongoing trend to miniaturization has pushed PCB design to more complicated design constraints and to meet market requirements at a very demanding deliverables. Investing to EDA software and tools with the right people is the key to our success to meet at "First Pass In Design". We are proud of our proven experience and a partner to our customer.

Having the knowledge of PCB design is not good enough to meet the on-going complexity of the design; it has to be combining with programming knowledge of design tools. We developed our own tools within the EDA cad tools for optimizing the power of the CAD system in overcoming the complexity of today’s design technology.

Combining the skills in PCB technology and programming tools had lead us to our advantage

Design Services:
SIART offers onsite and offsite services, resulting in clear communication between our experienced designers and your team to seamlessly meet your needs. Key Features:

  • Expertise in High speed digital, Analog, mixed signal and Power boards.
  • Innovative design methods in Fine Pitch Micro BGA designs.
  • Handled upto 0.4mm uBGA pitch designs.
  • Design technologies with stacked and staggered µ via HDI technology.
  • Board level, System level SI
  • Complete documentation packages
  • In-house developed tools for QC
  • Design reviews using web-conferencing
  • Interaction with the industry proven fabricators
  • Latest EDA tool platforms for designing and Analysis
  • Express delivery
  • Concurrent engineering collaboration