Package Design

We have more than 20 years experienced team of designers working with different substrate designs for different applications like, SOC, RF, Mixed Signal and MicroSD. We are able to handle any Systems in Package (SiP) Package designs

Semiconductor and integrated circuit developments continue to proceed at an incredible pace. Today, Integrated Circuits (IC chips) have one thousand times the processing power with low voltage at a smaller footprint/density. These challenges have been accomplished because of our unique expertise and cumulative experienced in Package Design for semiconductors.

Packaging Technologies has been fast emerging into a smaller and smaller device. It is a challenged to package designers/Engineers to achieve a low voltage low power with high speed data rate

We are using EDA leader in package design tools from Cadence Advanced Package designer (APD) and System In Package SIP.

We have also developed Automated Skill routines to ease the package design process. Please look at our Allegro customization page for more information

Key Features:

  • Expert in Multiple Die package, Microsd card design
  • Handled RF application with higher frequency and EMI/EMC constraints
  • Parasitic simulation during our package design which requires stringent constrain requirements in meeting customer digital specifications