Express Routing Service

SIART has been providing this level of service for all type of projects; it has the most comprehensive process flow that enables engineering teams to meet their most time-critical projects. You can count on SiArt to meet your demanding schedule and budget by combining senior level PCB design engineers with captive routing resources.


  • Quick start
  • Captive and reliable resource
  • Veteran project lead
  • Resource expansion
  • Low learning curve
  • Around-the-clock routing support.
  • 100% manual routing

PCB Technologies:

  • High Speed (>12Gbps / channel)
  • High density
  • Highly constrained
  • High Layers (>32 layers)
  • 0.4mm pitch micro BGA
  • Controlled impedance
  • Back drilling
  • Via-in-pad
  • Blind and buried via
  • HDI
  • COM Express