EDA Tools

Our main advantage to the rest design services is the availability of high-end design software and our ability to customized Allegro Programming of handling any unique constraints from design requirements. Starting from Schematic Entry to PCB layout using using Capture CIS and Allegro PCB Designer respectively. We can provide you a rich-content interactive PDF on Schematic entry which gives customer a full viewing of the schematic design along with the actual components using normal PDF reader.

Allegro PCB Designer had given us advantage of managing the component placement, partitioning, RF design capabilities and DFM. Interconnect Design planning is essential for flex circuit design that will ensure reliability of the design through simulation of different scenarions that is controlled by design rules and constraints. With the aid of Allegro Design Suites and Adiva Tools; we will be able to simulate Signal Integrity and DFM during the design stage. This guarantee us of always meeting "First Pass In Design".

Schematic design:

  • Pads Logic
  • Altium Designer

Pcb Layout:

  • Cadence Allegro
  • Mentor Graphics PADS
  • Mentor Graphics Expediton
  • Altium Designer