About Us

SIART Design was incorporated in 2004 to provide services in High Speed PCB Design and Mixed PCB Design with Signal Integrity, EDA software distribution and CAD training services.

We have over 20 years of experience in electronics engineering design with worldwide location services in Singapore, India, and Canada. We use the latest EDA software tools and had customized software programming to speed up design process and overcoming complicated design constrain requirements.

Highly skilled PCB layout engineers working with world-wide customers deliver "First pass success in design”. The experience acquired from handling highly complex PCB designs for cutting-edge technologies spread across major Industry Verticals like Military, Aerospace, Telecom, Medical, Automotive, Industrial and consumer electronics requirements in areas related to Embedded product development , IC packaging, High-speed PCB design, System-in-Package(SIP), Signal Integrity/Power Integrity Analysis. We tied up with the fabrication-house and assembly-house to produce quality PCB and packages meeting the design specification and delivering them within the schedule.